Thoughtful perspective on gun control!

The raging gun debate is marked by extreme positions on both sides. However, this story from a young woman was so practical and thoughtful I just had to share it. I think it originally appeared in Field & Stream but I could be wrong.

“I’ve always been ambivalent about guns and had never considered owning one. My boyfriend, an avid gun owner, really pushed me to learn how to shoot and to consider carrying a gun for personal protection and for additional safety on our regular mountain hikes.  I finally agreed and quickly realized how thankful I was for his efforts.  One afternoon we were hiking in a fairly remote area of Montana when we stumbled across a large female grizzly bear and her cubs. Feeling threatened, she was instantly aggressive and charged at us. Thankfully I was carrying my new gun. I carefully fired one shot into my boyfriend’s kneecap and walked safely away at a brisk pace. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for that gun and my God given right to carry it.”