David Blaine’s Friday Musing…

Anti-texting laws are a joke.

I’ve gotten in the habit of counting how many drivers around me are texting when I’m stopped at a light.  It’s usually a majority. Yesterday,  the woman next to me was texting; so was the guy behind her. The car right next to her on the other side was a police car. The officer looked right at her like she was invisible.  This morning I counted twenty three people texting during a twenty minute stretch in the car.  What’s the point of the law if it’s not going to be enforced.  If my math is correct, the City is losing approximately $138,000/day in fines just on the average people I see every day (23 in 20 minutes = 69 per hour x 10 hour workday = 690 x $200 = $138,000). The actual number is probably 10 times that. For that much money you could hire a handful of new officers dedicated to writing texting tickets and free up the rest to do real crime fighting. I’m not a big fan of fines, but drivers who are texting are dangerous.  If they were openly swigging from a beer bottle I’m sure they would get pulled over.  I think texters are just as bad.