You can’t make this stuff up!

A friend of mine was interviewing applicants for a food delivery position. One applicant (we’ll call him Shaggy) was an age 20-something with a “thin” job history.  My friend told him that Friday and Saturday nights were the busiest shifts and asked if he would be available to work those schedules. Shaggy said “you know, Fridays and Saturdays are prime surfing and snowboarding days, so I’m not sure if that would work.”  Desperate to fill several positions my friend said he understood and they could work around that but emphasized that once a driver was on a schedule it was very difficult to get a substitute if the driver didn’t show up. To which Shaggy responded, “dude, the snow and the waves are unpredictable, sometimes you just have go when it’s good.”  Hoping to salvage the applicant my friend asked Shaggy if they could work around his schedule limitations would he be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.  Without hesitation Shaggy said “sure, as long is doesn’t cover weed – I do like to burn the ganja with my friends.”  Apparently uncomfortable with the ensuing silence Shaggy asked my friend, “so what do you think?”  My friend replied, “I think you are the worst driver applicant I have ever interviewed.”  Shaggy’s priceless response: “That’s cool, do you have any openings in management.”