Why is it so Much Easier to Complain than Compliment?

We’ve all hear that old saying that a mad customer will tell ten people about their experience but a happy customer might only tell one. I’m totally guilty of that and I don’t really know why.  So today is a good day for me to pay restitution.  A couple months ago a friend’s 19 year old daughter was staying with us. She got a flat tire (on the freeway) in the middle of the day, with no AAA card or jack. I couldn’t leave the office but called Smith & Son Tire.  Lee, who generally manages workflows in the office, didn’t have anyone available. So he drove out there himself and changed her tire. Way beyond the call of duty. But that’s always been our experience with Cody Smith and his team.

Tuesday morning I awoke to the soft, bubbly sounds of our front yard fountain.  The problem?  We don’t have a front yard fountain. But we did have a broken water main and a brand new bass pond in our front yard.  At 5:01 a.m. I called Gandola’s landscape with an S.O.S.  By 5:31 a.m. they were onsite and everything was under control.  Incredible service, but typical of Jason and Deanne Gandola and their employees.

Great businesses do great things every day.  Cheers to them!