Who Signed Off On This?

The “Peloton wife” commercial brouhaha has been entertaining.  I imagine a room filled with ad execs brainstorming ideas to bring in new customers, but instead, they got universal scorn.  However, there are plenty of worse examples.  Kentucky Fried Chicken spent years trying to shed its outdated image (remember the switch to “KFC” to hide the word “fried”). Then someone had the brilliant idea to revive a marketing campaign focused on an old, fake-bearded guy with an annoying voice representing the 1865 American South. Brilliant. And how about the genius who invented the “1-800-Kars for Kids” song. He/she should be locked in a padded room for 10 years with that song playing in the background.  And hasn’t “Flo” run her course. I have no idea why she would make me want to buy insurance when all she does now is make me change the channel.  In an effort to be more annoying than Flo, Liberty just rolled out their new theme song, “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.”  Someone actually got paid for that? Amazing. I can’t imagine anyone appreciates Carl’s Jr. blasting the sound of people chewing while food drips down their faces. Disgusting. Speaking of faces, the Burger King guy looks like a serial killer. I really miss the Budweiser frogs.