Where does time go?

I don’t notice I’m aging when I look in the mirror because I see myself every day. What really makes me feel old?  The radio, movies and television.  It seems like yesterday we were rocking the 80s.  Now, the Flock of Seagulls are bald, America’s Dad is in prison, and Rambo (of the new Rambo XII) is 72 years old. Tom Petty, Prince, Glenn Frey, David Bowie and bunch of other rockers from my youth are gone – so are Luke, Leia and Han Solo. Elton John is retiring, the Rolling Stones are 103 (but look older), Cindi Lauper now looks like a bag lady, and the investigation into Tupac’s shooting is 22 years old (with no leads).  How did that happen so quickly?  When did New Wave become Classic Rock? When did Boys II Men become old men? When did Boyz n the Hood move to a retirement home? Hearing old songs makes me feel young.  Seeing my childhood icons now makes me feel really old.  At least some things never change – Mick Jagger has a new baby!