Off the Wall Musings

There’s been so much press about the “the Wall” but the commentary has been somewhat limited. A lot of things I’m interested in haven’t even been addressed. For example:

Will the Wall be visible from space?  What about the graffiti?

Will the world’s largest graffiti mural visible from space qualify as a Wonder of the World?

I wonder if it will be a tourist attraction 1000 years from now.

Can we get sponsors to pay for it?  “In ‘n Out” would be perfect (no drive thrus of course)

How about a Go Fund Me campaign?

Can we use it for the world’s largest Wallyball tournament?

Michael Moore said he would leave if Trump got elected. Trump must really want him to stay.

Will Pink Floyd perform at the opening (closing?) ceremony?

I bet native Native Americans are wishing they had put up a wall.

I think it should be yellow.

Mikhail Gorbachev can’t wait to stand on the Mexico side and say, “Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!”