I’m Sick of Junk (Part 1)

I just read that there’s a pile of garbage the size of Maryland floating in the ocean. Efforts are underway to clean it up and should be concluded by 2040 (assuming no more junk is added between now and then). Right. I wonder if they analyze the junk to figure out what it is comprised of, and if there are things we really didn’t need in the first place. For example, straws. There are millions of tons of plastic straws littering the earth. Do we really need help from a piece of plastic to move a liquid three inches from a glass to our mouths? Clearly humans have the ability to drink straight from a glass. I’ve done it. Lots of times. Nobody drinks beer, wine, milk, eggnog, orange juice or 5-hour energy with a straw. But for some odd reason we think we need a straw to drink sodas, mixed drinks, and water (but only at restaurants ). Straws can be helpful in some circumstances (like post-wisdom teeth removal or spitball fights), but beyond that they’re simply junk. California banned free grocery bags. At least they have a purpose. I’d ban straws.