Enjoy that Imodium!

People often say things automatically and without any real thought.  Sometimes it’s funny. A really haggard looking lady in front of me in the checkout line at a pharmacy was buying Imodium, anti-vomit suppositories, and cough drops.  The clerk scanned and bagged the items and said “have a nice day.”  I almost fell over laughing trying to figure out which part of the day this poor lady was about to enjoy.  A couple of days later I bought something at a mini mart at about 11:30 p.m.  That clerk told me to have a nice day.  Which one; the one with 30 minutes left or the one that hadn’t started yet?  I recently dropped my keys at Target. A guy picked them up for me and when I thanked him he said “you too.”.  Me too what? Some of the other strange responses that I regularly hear (and probably say) to “thank you” are “you bet, no problem, no worries, and no sweat” (gross).  What happened to “you’re welcome?” I’d love to hear more examples.

Thank you for reading my blog.